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GFTs Spanish Leather AS

I own it, and have it on right now actually. It is an excellent aftershave with a great scent. I wouldnt hesitate to buy it.
I usually don't offer input on products I haven't used, but I will in this case, because I think the products I do have can still provide some insights regarding your question. First off, are you considering the aftershave to use as an aftershave, or as a cologne? I have the Spanish Leather cologne (which is a very nice, rich scent, pretty much matching the description provided by the site you linked to), not the aftershave. However, I do have both the Trumper West Indian Limes cologne and aftershave splash. The only difference between the two is the cologne contains alcohol, fragrance and color, whereas the aftershave contains alcohol, water, fragrance and color. The aftershave is literally a watered down version of the cologne. The scents are identical in quality, except the aftershave is a little less concentrated. In order to use the Trumper AS splashes as actual aftershaves (i.e., splashed on the face after shaving), you need very tolerant skin, as they are highly alcoholic, burning and drying. If you just want to use it as a cologne splash, you might want to consider the cologne instead. You pay a little more per ounce, but it seems to me you get more for your money, since the scent is more concentrated. Granted, with something like the Spanish Leather, less concentrated might be seen as desirable, since it is a pretty deep, musky/spicy scent; still, if you want to water it down, you could wet your hands first, then splash it on.

One more point to consider: the Trumper glass shaker-top bottles are VERY classy, much nicer than their plastic travel bottles, although the plastic bottles do cost less.
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@ HoratioCaine - Yes, I intend to use it as an aftershave.. Not a big cologne guy really. Having oily skin, I find the higher alcohol content & drying qualities of the stonger splashes desirable but thanks for the heads-up. Regarding the bottle, yeah the glass bottle looks more classy but it's not as important to me as product performance and fragrance.

Thanks gents for your thoughts and comments!!

Anyone else??
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