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General thoughts about using a safety razor; 3 months on.


FarmerStan the Man
Good evening all.

Thanks for all of your replies on this thread. My shaving technique has come a long way since I purchased the 39c Sledgehammer on my birthday. And I really like how my skin has improved since I started using it.

I enjoy your posts and threads about your "journey" in traditional shaving. And you yourself should someday be able to enjoy looking back at these, to remember where you were.
I thought you, @saj1985 , had ARKO! in your household.

I always think of think of just four countries when people mention South Asia: India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh. People get Nepal’d when I don’t mention Bhutan.
I see what you did there lool 😂

Yea ermmm I got way too much Arko sticks when I saw them on offer, too ashamed to mention, I might just need to go and sign up to AA Arkos Anonymous lool 👀🤦🤷🤷😂


Lounging On The Isle Of Tugsley.
@JasonJT - I was trying to find other Englishmen living South of Norwich, but the only one I found was still North of you. I have failed. Thankfully, you and your 39C have kept your face smooth and skin calm.

@saj1985 - There’s only Arkoholics Unanimous, not anonymous. In slickness, we unite!


I'm a Lumberjack.
If I ever get back to
London I’d love to hit all the shops around St. James’s what a location for a meet up. A shave shop crawl with a few pints in between.
btw the barbers seem to be using derby extra (green) and gillette yellow 7 o clock
If your Turkish barber likes you, he will use Perma-Sharp Supers. Otherwise, he will use Derby Extras.

He may offer you the Arko face cream. If he likes you, you will get something nice like the yogurt and blackberry one, otherwise the usual Arko oily cream.


You will usually get sprayed with some limon kolonya to finish with.
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