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Gem question...

I recently visited my parents and after telling them about my new wet shaving addiction, my mother went digging and came up with my grandfathers old Gem Micromatic!!

Does anyone have any tips on restoring it and where do you get the blades?

I saw one just like this at an antique shop for $5USD--if it can be cleaned up it may be worth getting.

What blades does it use and where can you get them?
It takes some kind of single edged blade. I was hoping someone might know what kind.

Thanks. When I go to smf.com it is some sort of airline ticket website. Did you mistype it?
I was at the drug store the other day and they had, next to the injector blades and DE blades, a pack of GEM blades from Personna (I'm pretty sure it was personna).
Check out the thread on this board:


The thread has some good pictures, a link to the VERY extensive thread on single-edge razors on SMF and links to two suppliers of bulk SE blades.

I have two GEMs and an Ever-Ready en route from e-bay and 200 GEM stainless PTFE coated blades en route from Ted Pella (a surgical/medical supply company).

If you want to try a couple of blades, send me a PM and I'll ship you a few.
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