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GEM Blades

Hello all... I want to get my greedy hands on some GEM blades, just to try out my old EverReady..

I cant buy them in shops in Sweden, and the ones I found on the net is either way expensive or in bulk of 200 blades, I just want a few blades for trying..

Any of you gents (and ladies) have any tips or ideas I would be ever grateful
There is a hair and beauty supplier in th u.k called pompadour, i am sure they sell them i will check for you.
They are only 0.99 pence for 10 blades. If they are the same ones.
Are they razor blades you can also snap in to two?
No, I am looking for blades for an old ever-ready razor. They are called GEMblades and are single edged blades with a steel rim on one side.. Thanks for the tip..
I just bought a bunch from Ted Pella, a surgical supply house (200 stainless PTFE coated blades for US$33).

You might have some luck if you try EU surgical supply companies.

Ted Pella will ship overseas, but you do have to buy large quantities and I'm not sure what the shipping cost will be.

I'm expecting my blades this week and if you're interested, send me a PM and we can discuss sending a few blades your way, as I'll have some to spare.
I am now soo happy :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

Fellow member Chris (Suzuki) has solved my problem. He will send me some blades for testing.

Again thanks alot.
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