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FS FS: A Badger Brush and an 1st Year Superspeed

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For sale: A 24mm Shaveforge Silvertip knot set in a Maseto handle. It's a cheap entry level Silvertip, but is definitely soft as you'd expect. I had it listed before but pulled it as I wasn't sure it was safe and shed-free. I've since lathered it 4 or 5 more times. It has been she'd free thus far, so I am feeling confident it is a good brush. Paid $32.50 for the knot alone. Asking $25 for the brush shipped CONUS.

Also for sale, a 1947 Gillette Superspeed. This is the first year, with the tabs. It seems a bit more efficient than later superspeeds and a bit harder to come by. It's in fairly good condition. Asking $25 shipped CONUS.

Will sell together for $45 shipped CONUS. Thanks for looking.


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One addition... A 24mm Boar Semogue Owners Club Cherry wood brush. Asking $25 shipped CONUS.

If you want all three, I'll take $65 shipped.


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It's down to the two brushes... Anyone interested in both can have the pair for $45 shipped CONUS.
I recently received a question on the loft of the Silvertip. It was a very good question, so I thought I would share the answer...

I do not have a caliper, my apologies. By my estimate, marking the two points on a piece of cardboard and measuring them, it is approx 58-59mm.

Hope this is helpful for anyone else looking.
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