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Needs milk and a bidet!
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Tobacco pouch and inexpensive pipes. Preferably someone that will actually use them. Post your interest here and I’ll pick a winner in a day or so.



On the lookout for new chicks
Extremely generous of you! Bravo!

Best of luck to all who enter. Respectfully, not in.


Mr. Obvious
I had to take a peek. I gave up the pipe 16 years ago so I could outlive my mother-in-law.
That’s very generous of you.
I have that same pouch, purchased off TEMU for about $11. It's a very, very good pouch for the money, and genuine leather too. They sell it on Amazon as well, for around $27, last I checked. If anyone was interested. Good PIF! Well done OP, and congrats to @Merchant Seaman Z
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