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Found in the Wild

Here are some pictures of a 1940's Eversharp Skyline that I found in the wild. I bought this pen for $8 and had it reconditioned for $25. I was just wondering if anyone else had any nice finds out in the wilderness.

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Geez, don't tell anyone, you'll ruin it for the rest of us! :biggrin1:

I've bought a bunch of these off eBay recently, and so far I've been able to restore them all to working condition. I think Skylines are an excellent value, because they are high quality pens and they are generally cheaper than comparable vintage Parkers, Sheaffers, etc.
So you are the guy buying up all the Skylines on Ebay. :thumbup1: Really, you are exactly right about the Skylines and thanks for your reply. But I am afraid that most of the people here on this forum are not hard core enough to appreciate the Skylines, after all this is a primarily a shaving forum. By the way, I like your user name.
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