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Flip flopped from Bulldog for men to Nivea men’s line

For the last few years I have been a Bulldog for men fan boy. Recently I’ve had trouble finding some of their products locally, including age defence serum and face scrub.

While I absolutely love their products and their ingredients, I’ve found a new appreciation for the Nivea men’s line. Specifically the sensitive line of face wash, moisturizer and moisturizer with SPF. I do not have sensitive skin, contrary to what my wife says, but comparing Nivea men’s blue packaged products to the white sensitive line, I can actually pronounce a lot more of the ingredients.

Amazon and local brick and mortar shops seem to have a lot of Nivea’s products available, which is quite convenient.

At 44 years young, I don’t think either of the products are actually the proverbial fountain of youth... but, I have found my skin to seem a bit less dull and looking better. Their price points are quite nice as well.

What are you gents and ladies using?
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