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First Timer with Vision

Greetings Friends:

Let me first begin by complimenting you all on this great site. It is so nice to see that there are so many Gents out there with an appreciation for the finer points of grooming.

I am a young Man who has only been shaving for about 15 years and for the most part it has always been a Gillete sensor, or until recently a fusion for me. I can't say that I had any problems with either, aside from the occasional razor burn and ingrown hairs. However there was something nostalgic about shaving with the same kind of razor Dad and Grandpa used whn they started out. So I did a little homework and decided I liked the Vision. Shaved with it for the first time just the other day.......defintitely a cool experience and once my skin grows back I think I would like to give it another shot.

I am curious, and I'm sure this is a ridiculous question, but the more "open" the blade is or more of a gap there is the more aggressive the razor is? Is this correct? I love the razor and truly like the whole experience, I just thinbk I need some time to adjust....it's a little hard to unlearn a quick shave with a cartridge razor.

I certainly welcome any feedback, and once again thank you all for putting together such a great site !!


Welcome to the forum! You picked one of my absolute favorite razors. It is one however, that takes a while to master, as it seems you've already found. You are correct, the more exposure, or the larger the gap between the blade and safety bar, the more chance you have of needing skin grafts!

The Vision is a wonderful tool with a the most adjustability of any razor I own. I can shave with the Progress or my Gillettes almost wide open but I have to show a little more respect to the Vision or it's :yikes:

Start with a very conservative setting and support the weight of the razor so you're using little to no pressure. As you get the hang of it, you can begin to experiment. Good luck and keep us informed on your progress.

Now what you need is a new brush...:biggrin:
Hey Bobby,

Welcome to B&B. The first few shaves can be a little rough as you unlearn years of technique that is inappropriate for DE use. Hang in there and use this board for the great resource that it is.

Welcome to B&B! As Doublee has said and I'll echo, use no pressure with the vision. Stick around and have fun! :redface:
Thank you all for the words of wisdom and the welcome !! This is certainly something that I plan on sticking with, and I am sure I will be asking you all for advice in the future!!

Cheers !!

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