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    Hey all! Figured I'd throw this out there. I'm a first time beard grower, I'm about a month or so into a goatee/stache, and am now growing out everything else. Any hidden gems of truth I need to know as a newbie? I've got a regular routine going of oil/cleansing/balms etc.

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  1. My biggest tip is to make sure not to trim your neckline to shallow. It may got without saying, but in the last few years I've seen way too many men who trim their beard at their jawline and it looks silly. does a pretty good job of demarcating beard growth: Designing a neck line for your full beard
  2. Agreed. It's a terrible look.

    Also, let it grow for at least 2 months before deciding whether or not to trim, then work with what you've got to come up with a style you like.
  3. Id add to be patient with it while its growing out. Youre going to go through times where its itchy and where it doesnt look good but resist the urge to trim it.
    You can use beard oil to help reduce the itch but for the most part, you just need to hang in there for a while.
  4. I was guility of this for a long time. Id read that you should trim your neckline to about an inch above your adam's apple and then trim it to where your neck meets your head.
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    I gotta agree with the comments above on the neck line. Seems to be one of the biggest beginner mistakes. A neck line at the jaw can work on a stubble beard or a chinstrap on someone with a strong jaw and a thin face. But, the higher the cheek line, longer and fuller the beard gets, and any little bit of a double chin the stranger it starts to look.

    How long and full of a beard are you planning to grow?
  6. Thanks guys! I really appreciate all of this!
  7. Thats a good question, I did try letting it grow, turns out I have quite a few patches that are growing in quite slowly, and would need me to grow it quite long to get coverage. I'm thinking it might be time for a goatee/stache look, and let it grow.
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    Very few guys can fill in a beard in a few weeks time. How long have you been trying to grow the sides in? It takes me at least a month to fill the cheeks back in if /when I trim down to a goat, and month 2 and three look much better than 1. The cheeks and connection from stache to chin are a very common place to be a little thin or patchy, especially for the first few months.
  9. I'm 10 days into a new beard. Fighting hard not to trim my neck line.
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    That depends on your growth rate and pattern. If you're one of the few who has a beard up to the eyeballs and connects to the chest in a few weeks time, then go ahead and clean it up a bit but don't try to get it too perfect. Show restraint, it's very easy to whittle it away to nothing trying to make thing even. If you have more of an average growth and coverage, best to wait.
  11. I couldn't agree more with all of the comments thus far. IMO a full beard should wrap under the jaw line, not be shaved at or above it. Sounds like you are like most of us unlucky guys who cannot grow a full beard in two weeks. Patience pal. The reward will be worth your effort.
  12. All this talk of slow-growing beards made me think of this:

  13. Aside from these guys having great beards, both have perfect necklines with the beard IMO. Here are a couple examples...
    Pbrd.png Pnklin2.png Pnklin3.jpg

    An example of a neckline too high:
  14. Agree with all that has been said. The most important thing is to give yourself time. I had some spots on the upper jaw line that didn't fill out until the 6 month time point. Whereas I had to trim my mustache nearly every day after 6 weeks. Most beards, on average, don't really look like beards that are judged as keepers until the 10-12 week point. Of course there are werewolfs out there- you know who you are- that can practically grow a beard overnight. They are rare among all men but I would guess about 25% of all bearded men as they have decided to give up on shaving twice a day or more, lol.

    Also, make sure you have 1-2 objective guy friends that can give you an brutally honest assessment from time to time in your journey. This is not for everyone. If you come to a point where you want to give it up- WAIT at least 24 hours before you do the deed to make sure your decision has legs.
  15. I once heard a rule that however many weeks you have have a beard is the amount of days you should take to think about shaving it off. As someone who is prone to impulsive decisions I sometimes regret, it's a great adage to beard by.

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