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First humador. Any suggestions/tips?

I purchased my first humador today. A friend of mine wanted it off his hands for $100 (He purchased it for $200). With it, he gave me about 15 cigars (4 Cuban and some other randoms).

As a novice humador owner and cigar smoker, I was hoping the B&B community could point me in the right direction as far as any past experiences you've had with humadors and how to best take care of them.

Thanks in advance and cheers!
This method works pretty well, regardless of what anyone on a cigar forum might say. Some people say to take a steril sponge and very lightly coat the inside of the humi in distilled water.

I start by wiping my older ones out thoroughly. Take a shot glass filled with a half ounce of distlled and boil it in the microwave. Put it in the humidor and let it rest there for about 10 minutes. The steam from the glass will overly humidify the interior without actually saturating anything as a spong would.

After that, I simply insert my rammakin with 65% beads. If you dont have beads, any old humidity puck or jar will do.

Do not put cigars in the humidor until it's rested for atleast a day after the shotglass steam.

While you're at that, take those stogues and kill off anything that could potentially grow. Fridge em for a day, freeze em for a day, then fridge em another day.

I've actually transitioned away from humidors and moved into coolidors. Much better insulation and storage capacity.
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