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Feather Portable - one step shy of "WTB"

I've recently become a huge fan of Tech-like razors. There's no mystery here - depending on the variant, they're either kit-glove mild or, for me, perfectly moderate. I've got a couple of fat-handles with triangular ports, and a milder travel variant which I use w/one of the fat handles.

I've read great things about the Feather Portable, being comparable, and would like to buy one. Problem is, I can't find them still available but for $16 shipped via the bay (in a bit of an ironic twist, by the gent who was at one point shipping them out for about half that, I gather).

I'm just this close to posting a "WTB" listing, but I'm looking for a new one. Does anybody know where I can buy one at a reasonable price? Is the $12 + $4 shipped on ebay the best way to go?
The William Marvy company/ Retail store is selling the Feather Portable razors for around $3.00 plus shipping each. I had previously purchased four of the razors from a vender and paid around $8.50 each, shipping included. I gave them away as gifts to family members before trying to shave with one of them. I started searching to buy one for myself and found the William Marvy company. The price was very good and I purchased eight more.

I just got off the phone (1-800-874-2651) with the retail shop and they have a number of them left. When you call the toll free number ask for the retail store.
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