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Feather durability in the Merkur OC head

Anyone else here observe that Feathers give a few more good shaves when used in an OC razor? I get three super shaves and a fourth that's a bit rough (usually toss them at 3) when I use Feather blades in my Muhle R89, but in the Merkur 25c or 11c open comb razors I get five excellent shaves and a very solid sixth ...I haven't been brave enough to find out what shave number seven would be like.... from the same blade (same pack of blades used for several shaves with each razor at this point).

I think Feather blades really shine in the 11/25c, giving closer and smoother shaves than other blades I have tried so far, the R89 however still gives more comfortable shaves with Astra SPs (and almost as close).

I wonder if this phenomenon might carry over to vintage OC razors as well?
Hmmm... looks like the two of us are the only ones who have experienced this phenomenon.
I get 3-4 shaved with feather in my r89. I will try em in my r41 and let you know how many shaves I get. You got me curious.
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