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Feather Blades

SO I was reading some of the recent post regarding feather blades and one morning before work I was set on trying them out so I popped out on of my Derby's and replaced it with a feather and omg the results were amazing I love them I had a wonderful shave only one small nic and no irritation. I went to work and felt like a million dollars had been smothered on my face!!! :biggrin:
No I haven't I was trying to use all my Derby's before chaanging but just decided to try them out.
The Feathers are wonderful blades, although I don't like them best in every razor. For example, I like the Derby's best in my 38C Barberpole (and that is my overall best combo, results-wise). On the other hand, a Feather in a Tech, 40's SS or Aristocrat can be heavenly.

I also like the well-respected RPIP, but they are a distant 3rd in my book.

Of course, probably more than anything else, choice of blade is very personal.

400?! :eek: Why so many? Do you change them every day? :thumbup:

I'm too afraid they will go extinct.
And every time I'll take an order in the future from a shop that sells them, I'll take another 100 probably.

BTW, I switch them after 3 shaves (4 if I use Proraso cream on the 4th shave).
I like the feeling that I don't have to "work as hard" to get a close shave with a Feather. I have to be careful, yes, but I try to be careful shaving all the time anyway. It just seems the Feather cuts through my very course beard effortlessly. :cool:
The IP is the best blade in my futur, but for the first time I truely believe that different blades work differently in different razor. (way to many differents there).

The feather works like a charm with no nicks or irratation in my slants. Go figure.:jump:
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