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Feather AS-D1

Yeah, yeah, those Feather AS-D1 razors barely cut off anything, i've tried every angle and it just doesn't seem to shave away any hairs.

Being the nice soul I am though, I'd be willing to dispose of any that people have got really angry with, at no charge whatsoever! Just PM me and I'll give you an address you can ship it to and get the useless thing off your hands.

No, no, don't thank me, I'm just trying to help!

I'd like to help. I wouldn't want you to feel that you have to single-handedly take on this task. Should you find yourself overwhelmed with AS-D1 razors to dispose of, let me know.
Me too!! I could use a second one!

As I have numerous Rhodium plated Aristocrats and Rockets, I keep coming back to the "useless" Feather AS-D1. I try to include other Razors in the rotation but I keep coming back to the Feather. Can't imagine why that is!

So please feel free to off-load.
It is funny that the most aggressive razor on the market as well as the mildest razor on the market are both the most resold items on BST because user "can't get a decent shave" with either one of them.

The problem is the same with both. Not using the correct blade angle. In other words, poor technique. How often to we hear "This ___ (fill in the blank) sux. I can't get a good shave, what else can I try". And how often are B&B members willing to step in and suggest a different product rather than tell them the truth.

I don't think that blade manufacturers would be in business very long if they made a product that did not work. The same goes for a $180 stainless steel razor. It it were junk I doubt that it would still be around and selling as well as it does.

Using a DE, SE, or straight razor requires practice to get good results. If you want a quick, passable, shave use an electric razor and scrub it around on your face. Heck, you can even shave on the way to work with an electric razor.

The most difficult part of using an electric razor is getting the proper end of the razor to your face so you don't shave the palm of your hand.
I hear you guys nothing finer than a 16 pass DFS shave 1st thing in the morning!!!!

16 pass, you got to be kidding - I had to do a 28 pass shave with my Feather AS-1 DE last night and it barely removed any of my 5 days stubble :lol:

I probably have poor DE technique, but my R41 Grande removed it all in 3 passes without a single cut :laugh:
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I think its interesting that my two favorite razors are the Feather AS-D1 and an Open Comb Micromatic. Worlds apart but both great.
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