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Fat handle vs ball handle

Thinking of trying to find a tech, to see how it compares to my micro touch one.
Should I look for a fat handle or ball handle ?
How do they compare in terms of balance, maneuverability, risk of being dropped, shaving aggression, etc ?

I am a strong proponent of fat handles over ball handles.

1) Fat handles are reminiscent of Greek columns, architecturally beautiful.
2) Fat handles are grippy due to the flutes on the bottom part and the knurling. I found both ball end and bar handles to be significantly less grippy.
3) Fat handles are longer, and more versatile.
4) I have not shaved with a ball end or bar handle since getting a fat handle.

There are different modern handles that are gripper, or heavy if you want weight, but I overwhelmingly vote for a fat handle as the vintage handle of choice.

Caveat - I am exceedingly biased. Enough said! :001_tongu
Fat handle it is then - I'm looking for the better handling /shaving of the two, and I like the looks of both just fine.
thanks !
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