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F4 date code on a black plastic handled super speed

I get the year of 1960 from that date code, but the wiki shows it not produced until 1966?

it´s a 1985 Super-Speed, maybe like this?



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So the Gillette Dating Standard (http://www.geocities.com/safetyrazors/gil_ser2.htm)
is wrong about the Speedys when it states they ended production in 1974? To be fair the site has a question mark after the "ended in " statement .. I just received a black handled Speedy with a Z-4 code, which would mean they continued until at least 1979 ..
Rare beast. The SS was nearly extinct when that one was born. Are my eyes deceiving me, or is the tip smooth and without the usual fluting?


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I have heard that the tip was not metal, but a "chrome" type plastic. Can anyone verify that?
The black handles that I have have the lines on the flare, and the tips are metal.


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Thanks Achim.
I gotta tell you, guys like you and AsylumGuido (and others too numerous to mention) are the backbone of this Forum. You guys are always there with good information and advice, and it sure makes it so much easier on us amateurs.
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