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Eversharp / Schick Question

I recently pruchased an eversharp injector razor and am trying to get a idea of its age. I know that eversharp manufactured Schick Injectors however they left the name Schick on the head. My razor only says Eversharp and has an Eagle stamped under the name. It has a green plastic handle and the whole razor looks exactly like a Schick Injector Razor. Any ideas about when it was made? :shuriken:
That is the exact one that I purchased, even down to the color of the handle. Thanks for the help. Any suggestion regarding what blades are best to use? I tried a pack that I got from Rite Aide and they had a great deal of trouble loading. When I first owned this tyoe of razor in the 70's I never had any trouble with the blades loading.
Was there a blade in it when you bought it? Loading a blade into an empty injector razor can be difficult, since you have to simultaneously spread the halves and inject. The new ones came with a dummy blade installed just for that reason. Replacing an existing blade shouldn't be hard, if the injector cartridge is within tolerances.

- Chris
Unfortunately, the injector mechanism for the store brand ASR blades do not seem to be held to the same quality standard as the Schick branded ones. Sometimes you have to gently twist the mechanism to get the injector to properly line up with the razor.

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