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Esox Moderator Interview


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Moderator Interview - Esox


@Esox has been a member of B&B since Apr 11, 2017

1: Why you decided to join the team
To try and help give back because this forum and its members have given so much to me.

2: Things you wish you knew before you said "yes"
How much work actually goes on behind the scenes. You have no idea. Really, you don't.

3: What is the hardest part of the job?
Finding enough time to try to do more.

4: What are/aren’t the perks of being a Mod?
How much time is required and needing the ability to make the tough calls, but, as a part of the Moderator Team, you never have to make them alone because it really is a Team.

5: What is your favorite / least favorite word?
Least favorite: "YMMV"

6: What turns you on / off?
Well. Phil... I didnt think we were at this stage of our relationship! LOL

7: What sound or noise do you love / hate?
Hate: Neighbors dogs. Especially at 5:30am. Or 1:30am...

8: What is your favorite curse word?
Dubya Tee

9: What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
Professional racing.

10: What profession would you not like to do?

11: If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?
What took you so long?

12: Motto or favorite saying/inspirational saying?
Don't worry, God's driving.

13: How old are you?

14: Where were you born and/or raised?
Born: London Ontario Canada.
Raised: Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta, Canada.

15: Favorite part of the country/world?
Vancouver Island.

16: Who moderates the mods ? Is there a boss mod ?
The power structure may vary but we act and are a Team with individual voices.

17: What were you (mod) really thinking when you decided to be a mod on a shave forum
Didn't I want less responsibility?

18: What is the selection criteria. Is someone asked or does someone apply?
I can only speak for myself. I was approached and offered the position. I took a day to think about it and came to the conclusion that it would be a way to help give back and lighten the load. As it was put to me, "Many hands make light work."

19: Some situation where mods were at loggerheads on some decision ? How was it resolved ?
Reason prevails. All options are discussed and all points of view considered. Its a very nice system, really. There are various different viewpoints presented but, reason prevails.

20: If you could be any tree what would it be?
I remember maybe 30 years years ago, driving home after a long hot late summer hunt and a friend said "Look at that big old Elm!" It was 2 miles away or more but it towered over all the other trees in sight, easily being twice the height. It was the obvious landmark in the visible area and I'm sure over the years many have said "I'll meet you at the Elm." If trees could talk, I'm sure it would have a lot to say and much wisdom to share.
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Nicely said, from a very cool (and very generous) guy.

Agree with Vancouver, I need to get back there.

Very nice Mike. You’re guidance, support and advice in my early DE start made all the difference. Badger&Blade continues to be a great place with excellent Ambassadors like you. Thank You Mike.


I didnt know
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But ymmv. 😁

One in every crowd haha.

Great interview of an outstanding Gentleman! Well done, Mike! :)


Great interview with a great guy... and a good ol’ Canadian boy to boot. 🇨🇦

Don Cherry and I think alike, just not about suits haha.

Great interview!



I'll just pitch a tent.

That works!

Thank You Mike.


Couldn't cut one of the best answers!


Thanks for your work as a moderator. I'm sure it isn't easy.

If I'm honest, I enjoy it. Its a great team and this is a great forum. There arent always easy choices in life but we still gotta make em!
Great interview. Enjoyed the humor!
Don't hate the dogs for barking. Hate the individuals that own them and allow them to bark. But then again, some dogs have more sense than their owners. :biggrin1:
Have to agree...YMMV is grossly over used.
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Great interview!
Thanks for organizing the chaos the shaving crazies create!

Thanks. In all honesty though, I'm responsible for a large part of that lol.

Great interview. Enjoyed the humor!
Don't hate the dogs for barking. Hate the individuals that own them and allow them to bark. But then again, some dogs have more sense than their owners. :biggrin1:
Have to agree...YMMV is grossly over used.

Thanks. I admit, sometimes my humour can be hard to grasp but my intention is to, at least 80% of the time, make people laugh.

The dogs are, dogs. Its not their fault they're doing what they do naturally. One is a happy idiot, the other is a very good dog. The couple on the other hand are absolutely clueless. Almost 7 years I've been dealing those dogs barking and just last month after I decided to stand in the yard after listening to one bark for a full hour to be let in, when he finally stuck his head out the door he said he didnt even know because he couldnt hear her. Well, tell me something I dont know! I suggested he listen more carefully and walked away. 6:54am this morning, well, at least he heard her barking so thats something.

'YMMV' has a place in regards to soaps or something, but thats a given. We wont all like the same scents or other things of a similar nature, but, when it comes to razor design and razor performance, as well as blade performance, its more a matter of physics. There is no room for 'YMMV' in physics, as virtually all of my posts in regard to blade rigidity are about the physics of an item.


I didnt know
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Very well done.... Have the mods shown you the secret lake of Lilac Vegital?

They have not. There are dark and quiet rumours they horde it in an odd, and frankly disturbing, sort of cabalistic way.

In all honesty though, I dont use any aftershaves. Just a wipe with damp towel.
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