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Em's Pre-shave & Body Oil anyone?

I have also used it (albeit a while ago). I really liked it, but I ended up preferring the bottles/results of Pacific Shave Oil better and that was that.

Scotto turned me on the Em's cucumber A/S and body splash. BEST. HYDROSOL. EVER.
You can do either! PSO is really not a pre-shave oil, it's a shave oil.

1) Wet face
2) Drop about seven to 10 drops into palm of wet hand
3) Rub hands together
4) Spread oil over face
5) Wet face again (activates the oil)
6) Lather face (if shaving with shaving cream/soap . . . )
7) Shave

~Tim :cool:

Leisureguy said:
How do you use the PSO? Apply to wet before lather, or instead of lather?
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