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DUCO cement for gluing knot?

I've seen several references to using marine epoxy to glue the knot into whatever brush handle one wants to use to create a one-of-a-kind brush. I have some epoxy out in my shop, but the stuff is such a hassle to use that I got to thinking about some other adhesives that I have around. I've got a bunch of tubes of DUCO cement, and I was wondering if anyone has used DUCO to glue a knot into a brush handle?
Knot me! Sorry about the pun. I wouldn't be willing to risk wasting the cost of the new knot, and then learn the hard way that the easy way was the shortest way to disappointment. I don't think epoxy is all that difficult, is it? If finding the easiest path from point A to point B is the whole objective, then I think I'd just pay money for a brush that some other guy has gone to all the effort and used epoxy on it. I'm only speaking for myself, because I have made that "easiest and fastest" mistake before, and didn't really enjoy the aftermath.
NO. Duco is not going to make it. You need a powerful, waterproof bonding agent and Duco cement is fine for small, low pressure jobs, but I'm afraid Badgers are mean and they do not like to stay put. Devcon 2 part clear waterproof is good stuff. But don't over do it or the glue will run up your knot. Even if this happens, which it does, it will not effect the brush's lathering capability. It may not look as pretty, but it will get the job done. Oh yeah, the knot won't budge.
A big thanks to both of you gentlemen. I will definitely be looking for marine epoxy the next time I get to the hardware store. I'll do my best to tame that badger:eek:
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