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Don't fear the Feather!

Well, believing that my technique was good I made a stop at the last set of blades I had yet to try. Throughout the set I've found some that work really well and some that are, well, not very good. Being that it was Sunday and SWMBO and kids weren't home I decided for a little "me" time. I had a good shower, great prep and whipped up some KMF Vanilla Earth. Put that new feather blade in my Futur and WOW! Not a single bit of irritation and got BBS smooth in 2 passes with some touch ups after. I'm disappointed that I waited this long out of fear of the reputation of these little darlings. In a way I'm glad though because I was able to really get my technique down.

So, if you've been wondering if you should give em' a try go slow, watch your angle and enjoy the results.:thumbup:
watch the pressure! you don't need much, right angle and you'll get a fine shave of course. how about your chin/neck area? when i try to get a close shave there, it will result in irritation and some nicks. so i finally got to my goto-blade astra sp. zero irritation, quite close and really smooth :D
Feathers are the only blade I use! :thumbup1:

+1 There's nothing in a shave that I like better than a fresh Feather blade. Gotta be SERIOUSLY conscious of the pressure, though. However, with a little practice, it's pretty easy (for me) to tell when I'm using too much before I get burned. They'll bite pretty easily, though.
On my neck and chin area I go REALLY S...L...O...W! I get BBS there all the time. I shave everyday BBS for work. If I don't my neck area snags my collar and annoys me that I didn't do a good enough job there. But, on the other hand reminds me I get to shave again! Woo Hoo
I've been at this a few months and just got my first pack of Feathers.

Absolutely the best shaves I've had. And no irritation at all (probably because all the advice here convinced me to be uber-careful and soft with it).
Seasons don't fear the Feather. Nor do the wind, the sun, or the rain. We can be like they are. Come on baby. Don't fear the Feather.
There are many experienced DE shavers who do not like Feather blades. They just don't work for some folks. Clearly a case of YMMV.
:lol: I was waiting for that one...

I'm just waiting for a chance to pull out some "I'm Burning For You" lyrics. Maybe I'll find some openings over in the aftershave forum...

Back on topic, I love the Feathers in my EJ DE89; however, my technique is not quite good enough to manage them in either of my Parker TTO's. Those are just inherently rougher shavers IMO, and I fare better with milder blades loaded in the Parkers.
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