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Does the curvature of the brush head affect longevity?

My question is…as most high quality brushes (mainly the upper middle to high end badger brushes) make a reasonable and rich lather my question pertains to which shaped head attracts more corrosion of substance at the base (where bristles meet handle)?

Would a dome shaped head be more likely to house the lather internally and closer to the shaft than a spiked or upside down “U” shaped brush? How does lather technique play a role in evading corrosion? Or is it simply to thoroughly rinse your brush after use, and leave the issue of head shapes to personal preference?

My curiosity lingers with maximizing the longevity of the brush…
Longevity should not be a major factor when choosing a brush ... with proper care, any decent brush will last for decades.

Select your brush based on stiffness, floppiness, knot size, grade of hair, shape of handle, etc. Maintain it properly and it will be a faithful performer until you grow tired of using it and want to try something else.
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