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Does anyone think I'm crazy...

...for purchasing 3 Vie-Long horses sight unseen and never tried before just because I've heard so much about them from the experts here on the B&B? Here's what's coming my way, a 13061 50/50, a 13071M 35/65 and a Pro No.2 25/75 from Juan at Gifts&Care in Spain. I choose Juan based on the recommendations of several B&B members and one in particular who helped me understand the differences between horse and badger and had nothing but good things to say about Gifts&Care.



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Not me! I was just thinking to myself today........ "You know you really ought to get a couple of horse hair brushes".

I haven't pull the trigger yet..... but it's only a matter of time.

Let us know how you like them.
They are all great brushes.

I have the 13061, Prof #2 and 14831M (very similar to the one you ordered). I also have the 13800, a Prof #2 boar/horse, 2-band and a Silvertip from that manufacturer.

My favourite is the 14831M because of the beauty and a perfect knot/loft ratio in my opinion. I really love the natural hair instead of the bleached like in the 13061.
The hairs on the 13061 are bleached, and the hairs feel more thin and delicate, I prefer a little more umpf so to speak :001_smile
The Prof. #2 is also great, but as it is intended for a barber the loft makes it kind of floppy, and you have to get used to the high loft. I still love it though.
The 13061 & 13071M will perform a bit differently due to the different Hair Ratios, the 12071M will be stiffer and a bit more prickly out of the box and the 13061 will be softer. I'd recommend ~6-8 Bowl Lathers with the 13071M since most will find it very prickly, much like a Black Badger Brush, regular use will soften and relax the stiffness & tips of the 13071M and 13061. Both can perform in the bowl or directly on your face and have very comfortable handles, you can control the prickliness by the amount of pressure applied; more pressure= more prickly.

The Professional Model is meant to be used with a very light touch/no pressure, allowing only the tips to build the lather, Practice Lathers are highly recommended to acquire the proper technique to use this brush correctly. Patience with these Brushes will reward you with soft tips, they are a nice addition to any Brush Rotation and work well with Hard or Soft Soaps & Creams.
Thanks guys, those were the exact opinions given to me by another forumite who help me understand the differences between badger and horse. And, Juan at Gifts&Care is fantastic with the patience of a saint.

I ordered them yesterday afternoon and I'm already counting the days. I didn't go with the "out of the box" lofts so it might take a little longer than usual but I don't know what usual is.

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