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Do you find it hard to go back to milder razors after using aggressive ones regularly?

Ditto. Every time I go back to a mild I ask myself why I haven’t been the razor all along.

+1! That’s why I settled on ‘mild/moderate’ razors paired with sharp blades, for me, the most comfortable and effective combination! :thumbup1: :thumbup1: :thumbup1:
There are many factors for favoring either a mild razor over a more efficient or the other way around such as beard type, skin type, beard growth, growth density, blade type, prep, how often does one shaves and many, many others and it's not just about the technique/skil alone.

Even if someone is a shaving wizard, he's not going to shave a two weeks of stuble with a super mild and inefficient razor just as fast and as enjoyable as he would with a more efficient razor. There's just no way this could happen even with a Feather blade.

There's a reason why some razors are more efficient than others and as I mentioned above, there are lots of reasons why some people like to use some types of razors and more often than others.

I know people who shave with cartridge razors with only water on their faces without having any problems at all and they don't care about DE or any other type of razors, simply because their facial skin is thicker and maybe some of them have soft facial hair and they see no logical reason to invest their time and money and not because they have an amazing shaving skills or a technique.

That's like comparing a natural born athlete to compete with some skinny guy and wonder why the skinny guy is having a hard time compared to the other guy. It's probably because, the stronger guy has more skill :cool2:.
With mild razors, I try to make sure the blade I use has had maybe 1 or 2 shave on it. I also vary my technique depending on the razor. And if it takes a bit longer, that's fine as well.
I am in the medium aggressive to aggressive ballpark of razors.
While I like the Henson AL-13 design a lot, even the "Medium" design is just too mild for me. If I don't feel the blade at all, I am just unhappy. This is why I often call it the very best razor I just can't love.

So yeah, I rarely enjoy very mild razors.
Yup I can't shave with mild razors anymore. I expect them to perform just as well as my aggressive ones and they just don't. This results in more overlapping passes, more pressure and sadly irritation&redness. With my aggressive razors I just need a light touch, a top tier soap and I will get a BBS shave. Simple recipe for success
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My now everyday razor (Blackland Tradere SB) is probably a mild, possibly moderate razor and is ideal for me. I shave daily, get a DFS or BBS shave and my face is relatively smooth through bedtime. In the morning, the stubble is such that I would not feel comfortable skipping a shave.

Ideal efficiency for me means smooth all day but still necessary to shave the next.

The most aggressive razor I have used was a Janus, that I wanted to love but could never get comfortable with. For me mild/moderate is ideal.
I moved away from the agressive razors and slant
I don't have experience with slants but I keep reading that they can be better for sensitive skin because of their cutting action. This made me think that they are (or can be?) a mild shave.

Also, I don't chase BBS below the chin.
I should be smart enough to stop trying. There is a spot just below my chin that is hard to get at and mostly ends up turning an otherwise enjoyable shave into an exercise in frustration. Note to self...it's ok to not have a BBS shave every time!

If you have a few nice mild razors that are being ignored try a Kai blade.
This is really interesting to know. Thanks for sharing that!

And with all razors, I do a two pass shave.
Interesting! Which pass do you forego? I'm thinking a WTG and ATG pass are good enough?

I know people who shave with cartridge razors with only water on their faces without having any problems at all
I just had this experience and I was blown away! I have a friend who I hadn't seen in a while so I was telling him about my new shaving hobby and he tells me that he basically either shaves dry or with just water. He started doing it when he was in the military because he had to shave every day and hated having to have shaving equipment with him, even during exercises and when deployed. His solution was to just take the razor and dry shave. He said it took his face a little while to get used to it but he's been shaving that way ever since, for probably 20 years. I'm pretty sure my skin would be so irritated I wouldn't be able to shave again for a month.
I had the opposite experience. I definitely went through an aggressive razor phase and still enjoy them, but now I’m enjoying finding the most mild and comfortable razor / blade combo to get the job done.

There are still some razors that just aren’t for me in both the mild and aggressive categories.
Yes for me.

I've stuck with mostly efficient razors and I enjoy them the most. I've sold of some of my milder options but I still keep some around like the Tech or GC68. The mild options are still efficient enough for me if I buff enough, but I do have to be careful of potential irritations.
I hadn't shaved my (well groomed) beard off for 2 years. I had bad seborrhoic dermatitis, aggravated by the beard. The first couple shaves after I decided to get rid of it were painful, even with my Merkur 23. I tried the R41- even more painful. The skin was in bad condition.

After a few shaves, the skin returned to the good old welding glove toughness :biggrin1: so I was able to use anything I want and I shave daily. I enjoy mild, I enjoy aggressive, it doesn't matter as long as there is a minimum of efficiency.

For example the Lord L5 was not good enough, way to many passes. A couple shims fixed it.
The Fatip open comb nails it for smoothness and efficiency.
The R41 is also good after I tweaked it slightly.
The Lupo .95 is another very good and efficient razor, it combines killer smoothness with killer efficiency.

So what I do is rotate my razors. Maybe 2 days with a mild one then another 3 with an aggressive one. Or a couple days with the Fatip that requires different angles than most, then change.

As long as there is variation the technique is in top shape.
Now there's an experienced shaver. That's great. I may try to be less conventional and see if I can get away with less blade-to-skin contact, especially on my chin area.
I hope it helps. But everyone is different in what provides a good shave as well as a good-feeling shave. For me, the short strokes with skin stretching have made a big improvement in the quality of my shaves.
I found this to be true for me as well. Over the last year or so I primarily used a Yates 921-EH, Karve sb-f, and a Blackland blackbird. Now when I try to use milder razors I generally find the shave sub-par.
part of my exact rotation, except I use the Blackbird OC. Going to a mild razor infuriates me somewhat...
Usually I shave every 2 to 3 days with a medium/aggressive razor but whenever I have to shave a one day stubble I use something milder such as the Rockwell 6S on R3/R4 but as mentioned blade choice is equally important
Especially for travel i like to use an adjustable. First pass on an efficient setting, and milder settings for the next one or two.
The weight and balance of the razor is really important to me. If i use my REX Ambassador on a high setting i really need to pay attention because of the weight of the razor. I can use a razor like the Tatara Nodachi OC with a Masamune handle with no issues. If i shave every second day i like an efficient razor. If i need to shave every day i may use a milder razor, like the Karve C plate.
I Constantly switch back and forth between efficient and milder razors with no issues, but i do find that the milder razors increase the risk of over shaving. I can get a decent 2 pass shave with an efficient razor, but i usually need 2 1/2 to three passes with a milder razor.
Lately I have grown somewhat addicted to how easily I can get a DFS++ shave with my .95 Lupo which is a pretty efficient razor for me but not too aggressive. However I also enjoy switching back to much milder razors and practicing how to get good shaves from them too. It might take a shave or two for me to get back in the groove of using a milder razor and being able to get a great shave with it but I feel that for me using both milder and more aggressive razors has improved my overall ability to consistently get good shaves from most of my razors except for maybe my 2011 R41 which can still occasionally be a little squirrely.

Chan Eil Whiskers

Fumbling about.

Some razors are better than others.

I make that as a categorical statement, but the razor I'm thinking of is the proof of the pudding in my view.


Yes, this is the beautiful ATT CM1. Atlas handle. Windson Pro SS cap.

Is it mild?


I have no idea what the terms mild and aggressive mean, but the vendor says it's mild. To me, it's smooth as silk, impressively smooth, easy to use, not scary, much more efficient than it has any right to be, and very effective.

I've just used this baseplate once, but I'm in love.

For the record, I use Wolfman WR2 1.15, WR2 1.35, Blackbird, Wunderbar, GC84OC, Mk1, R41, Timeless 95OC, and similar razors. I am an almost every day shaver. Yesterday's shave was with the FOCS.

Nary a clue why I like this ATT razor so much but there it is.

Happy shaves,


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