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Do more dense brushes hold less lather?

Hi all,

I recently got my hands on a Rooney 3/1 in super which is pretty much the same size as the Taylors Silvertip I've been using (and been largely happy with) for the past year or so. My intention was to get a brush more suited to face lathering with soaps, and to have a step up in quality.

My last couple of shaves haven't been as good with this new brush.

This is what I'm thinking:

- Brush is more scrubby therefore maybe harder on the face (I face lather)
- Brush is more dense and holds less lather than my Taylors. By third pass lather is thin.

So.... while I'm enjoying the density and the quality, I seem to be getting worse lather. By this I mean by the third pass and touch ups I've used up the best of the lather, whereas with my other brush, while less dense, seems to hold more lather. Which makes sense when you think about it!

So... what should I do? I use both soaps and creams, and want a good all-rounder. I may want to bowl lather occasionally. Shall I continue to use my Taylors? (If it ain't broke, etc).

Or, shall I get a larger Rooney? Or a Shavemac?


I've come to the conclusion (and someone can probably correct me) that, with denser brushes, the bristles don't have as much room to "move around" when whipping up lather, so the cream/soap tends to get less aerated, and therefore not as "fluffy" or "meringue like" when compared with "floppier" brushes.

For example, I have a Shavemac Finest (60mm loft) and a Rooney 2/1 Super (50mm loft). Out of the two, the Shavemac, with its higher loft, seems to better aerate the lather in the tips of the bristles, and hold it there. So, I think you're partly right, in that there isn't as much "room" in denser brushes. Also, however, I think that the cream/soap just doesn't get as aerated in a denser brush.

However, that doesn't mean a less dense brush is "better," and if pressed, I think I prefer my Rooney.
I agree with Jim; use more product.

I switched from a shavemac 23mm to a Rooney Stubby 2 and found that using more product did the trick. The brush sill hold enough for 2-3 passes, with extra in the bowl.

The benefit to a denser brush is that it is so much easier to make lather. Well, it takes less time anyway.
Use more product. More bristles means it holds more water. If its 20% denser use 25 % more product etc.

I use a Rooney 1/1 or stubby one and get plenty of lather for 6+ passes and I have left over.

I could not said it better myself...Dang, this Jim guy is pretty darn good....:biggrin:
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