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DL's baby girl

My wife and I went to Austin today for a 4D ultrasound of our daughter.

I want to share the first peak of Alexandria (Lexi) Lynn Lauw.
It'll freak you out when you see her for the first time and realize how realistic these pictures are. Congratulations, man! Is she your first?
Thanks guys. My wife is due on July 9th. We have a son that will turn 2 on June 17th. We wanted our children spaced 2 years apart. If that isn't planned parenthood, then I don't know what is.:lol:

Congratulations! I have 2 sons and a daughter - but nothing compares to my little girl. I know you will cherish her every day.
Congratulations!! Those 3D or is it 4D, are awesome. Best wishes to both you and your wife.
what a cute baby girl! My daugter will be 1 in june. savor every minute you can. I've seen my son and daughter for only 2 weeks since september.
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