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DIY Barbershop

Forgive me if I've missed an existing thread on this.

Do any of you gents have a DIY recipe for Barbershop AS? The group of scents known as the chypre family.

I've made a simple AF by adding a few drops of Bergamot oil to a small bottle of vodka.

How about taking a small bottle of vodka and adding Bergamot for the high invigorating end, and some Oakmoss and Sandlewood and maybe Patchouli for the low, foresty end?

Ad Astra

The Instigator
Lavender, oakmoss, coumidin is the traditional barbershop fougere accord. Have the essential oils, but haven't done it from scratch, you need perfumers alcohol.

Oh, goodness, its' the cut hay and slight vanilla scent. And it's the same oil that if ingested, does act as an anti coagulant. Called Warfarin.

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Interesting. They don't sell coumarin in the essential oil sites. I'm guessing that's because it could be dangerous if ingested. My search sometimes brings up vanilla, as I suppose that's similar to coumarin.
Hmmm. Interesting. the tonka bean search only brings up vanilla, which is close but not the same.

you can get scented sticks that have tonka bean.

It must be a safety regulation thing. Some people drink essential oils, so maybe tonka bean liquid is banned. But nobody is going to ingest a scented stick, so that's allowed.

I suppose the commercial makers of scents can get access to whatever they want.

And I guess the idea is that nobody is going to drink after shave. Or if you do you've got bigger problems than an mild anticoagulant.
actually someone joked about in desperation in a hotel room making a cocktail out of barbisol and hair gel. he said it should be called a Moscow Mousse, which is pretty witty.
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