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Discussion thread for Wade & Butcher Frameback

True story:

A few weeks after I bought this razor I was cruising ebay and saw another one very similar so I sniped it figuring to get a nice pair. The razor arrived and it was a garden-variety W&B Special, and a pretty rough example at that. I went back to the original auction and was embarrassed to discover that the seller had cribbed a fair chunk of the auction text and a couple of photos from the frameback auction I myself had won earlier (rotating and color shifting the photos to disguise their origin). I contacted the seller who claimed she had done nothing wrong, then later claimed it was a "mistake", then after her ebay account was suspended finally agreed to take the razor back in exchange for the original price plus shipping both ways.
Very interesting review. I've wondered about those framebacks. I may have to pick one up to give it a try.
I tried two so far, a Dorko and a Thiers Issard and they were both very nice. Please note that it was an OLD thiers issard not the new kind from classicshaving.com
Thanks for the review. I have been wanting a Wade & Butcher frameback but had to stop my accumulating ways for the Holidays. Now that I have holiday from accumulating, I can start being bad again (or good depending on your perspective...)
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