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Difference in Pen's Opus Packaging?


I've noticed two different packages for Opus 1870. One appears to be a dark brown box, with a brown or black bowtie.

The other, appears to be a white box with pink designs on it.

Is there any difference in the fragrance between the two or is it just a difference in packaging?

It's just the packaging. Penhaligons has changed the styles of their bottles/ribbons/caps/boxes once or twice in the last few years.

My Opus bottle has a round sticker on the front and a white box with little brushes and razors on it. I know there is a different type than this. And I have two different Castile bottles as well - one is more modern looking with black leaves on the bottle, and a leather cord instead of a ribbon, then I've got another with a ribbon and a traditional-looking label.
Good to know since I just dropped 110 bones on a bottle! Wanted to make sure I got the stuff I sampled
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