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Dickson Hairshop Now Have A Shave

Ugh I had this giant paragraph typed and deleted it by mistake. Short version. I have half to 3/4 left but only used it a few times. It didn't lather up so I think I over used it. I had it for a while. Before I was DE shaving. I really need to try it again. Also figure out if I can use a brush. I think it is really brushless. It isn't very slick so I am a little worried but maybe I can work it out. I actually thought of putting it up on BST with my other brushless creams while I was waiting to get 50 posts. I'll try it again and then decide. Oh I drove into NYC to the shop itself to get the stuff. The place is up some steps and really the size of a closet with 2 barber chares crambed in ans a small sink in the corner.
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