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Derby - the blade that stays duller longer...

Still new to DE shaving, I have only tried the following blades: Feather, Astra and Derby.

Clearly the Feather and Astra are sharper than the Derby. I have a pretty thick beard and the Derby seems to struggle a little bit on the first pass.

However, one thing I have noticed is that I can get more shaves with the Derby; and, even though it is slightly duller, it doesn't give me irritation.

Has anyone else noticed that the Derby seems to last longer?
You need to actually cut hair and reach skin to get irritation:001_tongu But in all seriousness, some DE blades smooth out after a few passes and Derby seems to be high on that list IMO
I get six 4 pass shaves out of a Derby. I tend to use them in my more aggressive razors like the R41 and Joris where they are wonderful to shave with. Any razor that sticks a lot of blade out front is made for the Derby. I guess this is why you can buy them as half blades for barber style shavette straight razors.

I sometimes feel that the perceived dullness of Derby blades is a lack of technique?

They're not really long lasting for me, but I get two perfectly comfortable shaves out of them, and one or two acceptable ones.

They only tug when I am not paying attention.
A Derby blade lasts as long as many other blades - 3 to 4 2-pass shaves. I agree the first shave feels rough in most razors. But I have never got irritation from Derby. I'm not afraid to add another pass or touch ups with Derby because my skin feels good after using it. My theory is that they are not suitable for cutting some tough beards, or the perceived 'dullness' makes shavers apply too much pressure and/or start buffing on dry unprotected skin.
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