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FS Den thinning: Nice DE Razors and brushes

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Gentlemen, up for sale a few brushes and DE razors in great condition that are not getting much love

- Simpsons LE TSE M6 Manchurian (box included): $105
- Simpsons Tulip Super 2-band: $105
- Romera Briar Manchurian 30mm: $80
- Shavemac 90 D01 Silvertip 3-band: $80
- L'Occitane Plisson synthetic: $20
- Proraso boar brush: $8
- Omega boar brush barber's handle: $7

DE Razors:
- ATT S2 slant Kronos Handle: $100
- Mangoose satin finish stainless steel (2015 model): $100
- Gillette NEW OC rhodium replated head only: $20

- PayPal (Goods & Services) - I will bear the fees
- Add $5 for CONUS shipping. Will ship overseas for actual costs

Thank you for your kind attention
38778003_1915402621814697_4593346155886149632_n.jpg 38789117_1915402961814663_691646999178510336_n.jpg 38812290_1915402781814681_3218475112382595072_n.jpg 38853631_1915402455148047_7848096166913769472_n.jpg 38861784_1915401921814767_2100364094371528704_n.jpg 38868947_1915402321814727_6799374120845836288_n.jpg 38891283_1915402171814742_1956814600733196288_n.jpg 38914414_1915402221814737_1064757881993166848_n.jpg 39012694_1915403145147978_4008512536637865984_n.jpg


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I am not 100% sure.
When I bought it, the seller said it was a SC NEW. However, one of the B&B members has just told me it might be a LC New. Here is a picture of the plate's bottom, in case it helps.

Great shaver, though
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