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Deals on brushes

Whipped Dog posts deals on brushes on Facebook quite often (I've only been checking lately and I've seen some pretty good deals).

Additionally, there are 2 brushes still there, nothing better than Pure grade left so it may not interest people, but if you want an idea on the "deal" he gives you, they are $9 and $11 respectively. My VDH Pure Badger was more money and it sheds like it's nobody's business.

Thought his Facebook should get a shoutout, he does have good deals all the time, but these Facebook deals are ridiculously cheap...
thanks pipskicks

Lots of our B&B supporting vendors regularly post brush deals, too, with excellent selections. Our vendor and hobbyist forums are full of fantastic brushes!
I ordered a 24 mm silvertip from Larry yesterday, only $16.00 with shipping included. Larry answered all my questions and shipped the knot the same day. Great personal service!
Lots of our B&B supporting vendors regularly post brush deals, too, with excellent selections. Our vendor and hobbyist forums are full of fantastic brushes!

would love to see those posts when they pop up too. good deals are always welcome.

as nice as it is to buy and support a B&B vendor or hobbiest, the option to go outside those boundaries is also a viable option in this case and many others.
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Larry has been a tremendous asset to the straight shaving community here - his deals to get you started are unmatched as far as I can tell. He did a fine job honing my straights as well.
I just thought these were budget brushes. These are good to give to your friend that wants to get into wet shaving, better than telling them to go to Walgreens and get a VDH Boar IMO. Even if you're too snobby to use a Pure Badger brush, at this price you could use it to clean your hair off the sink when some people here spend $200 on a Simpson :p
Thanks sorry, if they are sold out his new ones are pretty good for a newbie too IMO, just one of the cheapest Badger brushes, beats my VDH price for his Black Badger. Plus you can ask Larry what he'd recommend for a newbie, he is extremely helpful.

I just recently picked up a 24mm Silvertip from Larry, as well.

The thing's huge, soft, and retains tons of water. Can't use a bowl to lather it, so it goes straight to the face. Not a problem in my book. Awesome brush for 20 bucks.
The resin handles he sells are great--I don't think the pictures he has online do them justice. They're polished, heavy, and comfortable.

Yeah noticed that too, I thought my VDH handle was nice, then I got his resin handle and WOW! I think if you dropped it, it would likely shatter vs. chipping, but it's so nice it's worth it. I've knocked it around my bowl plenty and it still looks great.

FYI, I like bowl lathering only, and I wanted to give a Silvertip a try, so I got it sunk in to 20mm instead of 10mm (he does this for an extra $5). It has made the biggest difference in backbone, and although it's not as great of a bowl latherer (IMO) compared to a normal Pure Badger, it has definitely been much better than the other floppier brushes that were also higher than Pure grade.
Confession: I dropped SO's new brush onto the tile floor from about 3 feet up right after I unpackaged it and it was totally fine. I thought it was a goner for sure.

Just ordered a 30mm handle for my Omega Pro knot. Excited!
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