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DE in the Dishwasher?

Has anyone ever done this, or would it be really bad for the razor? It seems if you open the doors and put it in with the other silverware it would come out clean and sanitized. Would this screw up the internals on a TTO or adjustment knob?
Dishwashing detergent can be very harsh and may discolor some razors. I would not recommend it. If it was a soapless and just plain water wash, I don't see the harm.
Flatware is usually solid stainless steel. A razor is nickel plated over a brass base which is not as durable. It might fog the finish. It shouldn't mess up the mechanicals, but I'd be real leery with paint or plastic parts.
I've never done it. You could always take one for the team, try it and report back. :biggrin1:
Or try one of the new "green" soaps such as the Palmolive Eco. From what I've read, many of them don't have any abrasives in it. Try it on an old razor you don't mind messing up.
I might try it tomorrow. I have an old super speed black handle that is pretty dirty, and I wouldn't be devastated if it was ruined.
The main problem is that dish washing powders and tablets contain a fine grit, with which they blast your dishes. This would not be good for your razor.

However there are liquid dish washing detergents which contain no fine grit. We use this with our fine bone china which has gold gilt on it, this causes no problems. If it doesn't harm the gilt I can't see it harming a razor.
+1 on the blasting affect with powder detergent...you'll lose your plating if you use the dish-washer. The liquid detergent does not have abrasive particles but I still feel it's too harsh for plating that's already older than I am...
I thought they all foamed once they are shot out of the can. Isn't that why they call them Scrubbing Bubbles?
As I've never used it and as it comes in several different forms, I couldn't answer you. One can touts it as "foam" while the other seems to be just a liquid spray like how WD40 is just liquid sprayed out of a can. There's also the big bottle of liquid in the automatic shower sprayer gadget and there's the gel packs that stick inside your toilet bowl.
I thought they all foamed once they are shot out of the can. Isn't that why they call them Scrubbing Bubbles?
The spray comes out as a liquid. It forms a froth, the process isn't instantaneous and it's still basically liquid. The foam comes out from the nozzle and almost instantaneously forms a thicker foam on contact, like a foaming oven cleaner.

Mine came in the plastic bottle with the trigger pump. Maybe they have a newer version.
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