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Crystal and Red Personna

Ain't no such of a thing as "better". Your gold might me be my garbage; that's the nature of things.

Reds and Crystals (AKA "Blues") are both made in Israel. They are different from each other. But they are both popular choices in DE Land.

The two are considered to be superior middle-of-the-road products. My housemate is devoted to the Reds and I have a gross of the Blues. Smooth, sharp, good for at least four shaves in many cases, you prolly can't go wrong with either. Unless you don't like them at all. :closedeye
I used the crystals for about 4 years exclusively until I came back to B&B after a hiatus. I then ordered a bunch of reds and for my skin they are superior. I used to get nicks from the get go with the crystals, not so with the reds so for me they're the better choice,
I have a 100 of each, and prefer the reds. When I finish the blues, I will not buy anymore. The reds on the other hand, I will purchase in bulk, as they work great with my Progress. As usual, YMMV.
I have and like both blades. I've got about 150 Crystals and a handful of the Reds. With my Techs and Merkur, I preferred the Crystals. I'm still trying to work out the differences in my DE89.
I prefer the Chrystals - just goes to show you that we're all different.

The reds get dull on me after 2 shaves (but are very smooth for those 2 shaves).
It all depends on your face since every one of us has our own skin and beard pattern and toughness. I had a uncle who beard was so thick big and tough he used a DE blade per a shave. I have been using Reds and love them.
Exactly. I don't have a particularly heavy or thick beard, but both these blades failed miserably for me. Just not sharp enough, and plenty of tugging.


And we still have blades manufactured on five continents to choose from. :thumbup1: There are plenty of physical variables and then personal taste involved in shaving with DEs but the odds are that out of, say, a dozen samples, most of us will find at least three we like.

Cherchez la lame! :001_cool:
When I used a DE, personna reds where my absolute favorite, and the crystals were probably my second favorite, just not quite as smooth but still very good for me.
between those two, I give the edge to the Crystal blades personally. I like the personnas, just a little too, I dunno, not able to hack all my whiskers as good, way too much touch up I guess. They are super smooth though.
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