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CrO2/Diamond Pastes UK?

I've seen both on ebay, and both from UK sellers, so I think that's probably your best bet.
The CrO2 was powder but from what I can gather you can turn it into a paste by mixing with strop paste or similar.
yes type 'diamond paste' into ebay and you get a chinese seller who sells a 12pack of pastes ranging from 40um all the way down to 0.5um. I think its £12 plus £4 shipping, which has to be the best price you could get (assuming genuine product).

Alternatively you can buy single tubes of varying coarsness from two different UK based sellers for about £9 each inc shipping.

I havent bought from any of these guys, but they seem to have an awful lot of positive reviews.

I did once find chromium oxide powder on ebay also, but I cant seem to track it down anymore. It was in baggies of 5g and 10g. anyway may be worth having a look there.

EDIT: type 'Chrome Oxide Powder' into ebay and you will find the seller.

Let us know how it turns out for you!
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Thanks Hippy. Much appreciated.

I know of the gentleman selling the cro2 in the small bags. And I've also done the searches you mention. My concern with all of the products shown is that they may not be especially for use with razors. Some of the more experienced pundits on this site warn against pastes that are used in lapidary, and so on.

I'll certainly post any findings I make!

The name you looking for is N1leus. I have bought from him my Thuringer and he was very helpfull. Also check item no. 180347371709. That on should be ok. Otherwise those lapidary compounds contain usualy small amount of aluminium oxide which makes them coarser. Originaly I used it only on leather padle strop which was oiled it was ok but it was slow. Then I mixed it up with some fairy liquid into paste and pasted the strop which then I have polished with glass bottle. It improved performance of the stop in big time.
First picture is with oil only.
The second is with fairy paste.
ADRSPACH - I've now bookmarked that for future reference. Excellent! Always good to see how others deal with things and learn. Great photos!

Hippy - thanks for that. I'm not familiar with straight razor place. Do you have an address? I'm nearly sorted now - I only need .5 micron diamond paste!
I think about £10 for the material and some love and care will get you to make nice pasted strop which you will be proud of. You do not need to be a pro to make it. What you need to have is balls to try, patience and mouth to ask questions. We are here to help each other.
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