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FS Coticule, mikawa naguras, tsushima and Wapi razor

Coticule combo. I'm not Coti specialist and sell mainly to refund my most recent jnats. Is flat and ready for honing. There is a small crack at the edge but it does not affect honing at all and does not reduce the working area of the stone. Is very comfortable in use. The bottom layer is a kind of slate glued to Coti.
Dimensions: 200x50x15mm [8x2x06"].
Price: 90USD
Plus delivery by international post: 16USD



Mikawa naguras. Beautiful Mikawa naguras. Bought in Japan as brand new and used by me just a few times. White, high quality, medium size.
Botan 102g at the price of 28USD plus 15USD for international post delivery
Mejiro 129g at the price of 28USD plus 15USD for international post delivery
Tenyjou 156g at the price of 32USD plus 15USD for international post delivery
Koma 106g at the price of 66 USD plus 15USD for international post delivery
Or the whole set for 138 USD plus 16USD for delivery

Tsushim black plus extra large nagura. It is a big brick for generations 295x75x50mm [10x3x2"]. Quite soft. Medium and prefinisher, although some guys get shave ready from it. Generates quickly at lot of slurry. Nice feedback. I bought it in Japan as a brand new and used it less than 10 times. Box included. I add the super large nagura which itself costs about 30USD at the shop.
Price: 250USD plus 17 USD for international post.



Polish razor Wapi. Concretely it is Wapienica Chirurgiczna produced in FSM factory located in Poland in 70's. Box included. I bought it in NOS state, shaved 3 times and than put again in the protection grease.
Price 40USD plus 15USD for delivery.


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