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Contest #10 - What B&B Means to Me

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This contest closed on FRIDAY, September 26.

Folks, Contest 10 is the last announced contest in the B&B Carnival (but Carnies do sometimes change the rules :smile:). This contest is for the B&B Limited Edition 2008 brush. This is a special brush so it will be a special contest.

To enter this contest make a post to this thread answering the question: How does B&B make an impact on my every day life?

If that theme is too corny for you, don't post and definitely don't read the posts. However I would assert that this very unique place on the Internet positively impacts many of you each and every day. If you agree take some time to tell us why.

The details for this contest are as follows:
  • This contest will last for one month to give people plenty of time to say something and say it well.
  • The Mods will select the winner of this contest.
  • Make your posts your own words from your own heart.
  • We plan to frequently prune posts from this thread that are not contest entries to keep the thread at a reasonable, readable size.
This contest and prize has been brought to you by the B&B Mod team. Announcing the B&B 2008 Limited Edition brush:

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I’ve never been a blogger or a lurker at any site. I steer clear of any sort of chat room. I’m not a gamer, though my son’s are attached, literally, to WOW. I’m too old and probably a bit too reserved for interaction on the net. But this site, Badger and Blade, has drawn me out. So what does it mean to me? It is a sanctuary/oasis from the exhausting, stressful, tiresome aspects of the day. You log on, and while you are here, you are in the company of men and women who share an interest in a by-gone world. A fraternity of individuals who are gracious and polite. A community where genuine help, advice, and generosity (people give you stuff!) is a click away. There is also a courtly quality, a bit of chivalry that weaves its way into the threads.

Wet shaving with a vintage razor links me, as I said, to a bygone era of streamlined designs and decorative arts. Think of Flash Gordon’s rocket ship, a Sunbeam Mixmaster, or an Electrolux canister vacuum cleaner (see pics).

So while I am not as obsessed as my boys about the gaming world (they speak to their buddies (LIVE) as they embark against dark lords), I do spend quite of bit of time here - looking at the beautiful images, learning about the mechanics and history of these wonderfully crafted instruments, getting advice, and giving it from time to time. So again what does the site mean to me? It is the pause that refreshes. A haven from the pressures of daily life. The gentleman’s and gentlewomen's club which is free and egalitarian.
When I first found B&B, I thought to myself "these guys are CRAZY"! Then after I read a bit more on the boards, I have to say that I was intrigued, and shortly later I was placing my first order for a DE, various blades, a few soaps, and a crummy brush (the real reason I'm entering). Now many months later I've amased quite a nice little shave den, and I stop by the boards at least twice a day to see what I've missed.

The biggest change B&B has made for me has without a doubt been my appearance. Previously shaving with a fusion and goo-in-a-can, I had terrible irritation, and about 40 ingrown hairs on my neck daily... no joke. With the help, advice, and encouragement of the other fine gents on this board, I am now able to get a BBS everyday, with no irritation, plus the lovely aroma of bayrum. A few months ago, I actually had a woman ask ME out, where I hadn't had a date in a couple of years. I attribute that directly to the improvement in my appearance, thanks to B&B. As if that weren't enough, you've managed to take something that I dreaded, and turned it into something that I enjoy and look forward to. Thank you B&B!
I'll keep it simple.

B&B is my momentary escape from my job that I apparently have only to earn money that I will quickly use to purchase items I read about on B&B where I will then post reviews and opinions of said product so that others may spend their time in their office reading those reviews and opinions, making their own purchases, and continuing the vicious cycle that I only see coming to an end when rival factions of B&B eventually conquer the world and blow it up when a scuttle full of hot lather is accidentally placed atop the button that revs up the Doomsday machine, ultimately ending life on this little rock orbiting the Sun where all the inhabitants are impeccably shaven.

What is B&B to me? B&B is the beginning of the end of the beginning. :w00t:
To me, B&B is the most respectful and refined place on the internet. I spend a fair amount of time on the web, and I too often find it to be a rude and uninviting place. I found B&B this summer, and have since enjoyed a great place to come and have real discussions with other people.

B&B is a impact on my life in that it gives me hope for the rest of the online community! :001_smile
In the first season of the AMC hit series Mad Men, the character Don Draper says that advertising is "a billboard by the side of the road that screams out "you are OK . . . whatever you're doing, YOU are OK." B&B is, ultimately, a forum about male personal hygiene and as such, assures me daily that I'm neither crazy nor eccentric. That I am OK. That there are others out there interested in a better shave, a more anachronistic and less mass consumer-centric approach to grooming. Others who appreciate tradition, nostalgia, and feeling just a bit like Bogie in their morning rituals.

But it has become far more than that.

What I found here, in looking for information and resources about traditional wetshaving, was a thriving community of interesting minds, as befits a niche interest like this. One thing I've found in my journey through life is that true individuals are found, not in the mainstream, not in the fads of the moment, but in the niches and fringes of life---in the obscure pursuits and utterly personal predilections that make us individuals.

I'm enjoying the conversation immensely.

What Badger and Blade means to me

How does someone attempt to put into words for others something so valuable, so uplifting, so fun? It's tough. I know. My wife and friends have on more than one occasion made it a point to drill me on just what exactly it is that I do here, right before they run off giggling in delight to go raid my shelf in the linen closet (in my presence, no less) to maximize my embarassment.

But why is it tough to put B&B into a 30 second soundbite? It shouldn't be.

You guys, this place, was ultimately a place where I came to learn about a potentially new and interesting hobby. I expected to learn a new way of shaving and have some occasional fun along the way. What I got in return was a new way to live and conduct myself.

Putting such things as grooming tips and indulgences in food/libations/fine tobacco/entertainment aside, with the latter being what I spend the majority of my time posting on now, I've had the privilege of getting to know some great people spanning the globe.

So I guess when I get right down to it, it's the people that make this place rather than the hobby itself or all of the other interests that tend to spin off once you've honestly given yourself the 30 or so minutes a day to slow down and enjoy yourself, free from the pressures of the world that is waiting for you on the otherside of that bathroom door.

To everyone that collectively make Badger and Blade what it is, I sincerely thank you. You hold a special place in my heart. A place that those who tease me will never understand. I say let them giggle and tease, for I know who gets the last laugh and, ultimately, more satisfaction.
I will have to start by saying that B&B has changed my life. I first learned about B&B when my wife wanted us to become more conscious of our health. So, I started using an organic shaving soap. Of course, I had to get a brush which my wife found for me on the internet. After this, I searched the web and this is when I found B&B. The rest is history.Since that time I have gotten a number of merkur razors and now am into straight shaving. Where else could I learn so much and get great reviews about all of these products.I have to admit I have become somewhat of an addict for shaving. This in itself is quite a big change considering before this I basically used an electric razor and mach 3 which was good but nothing like what I am into now. B&B has transformed what was a boring and tedious task into an enjoyable and fun thing to do everyday. I actually look forward to shaving now and my wife wants me to not shave because I am spending too much time in the bathroom. When I say I am going to take a shower she asks me if I am going to shave too because I take so long when I do.Go figure, I never thought B&B would take me where it has but it sure is an enjoyable journey. Thanks guys for making my life more interesting and enjoyable.
It makes me realize that friends dont have to live near me or see me. They just have to sit at a keyboard like me and make my day.

KISS, keep it short and sweet


Many years ago, I read an article about wet shaving. I thought it interesting and went to the drug store and bought a mug, soap puck, and a brush. I did not buy a DE razor. I made lather with the mug, soap puck and brush, and I painted my face with the lather. I shaved with my multi-bladed razor. I liked this process but did this for only a couple of weeks and then stopped. I stopped because I started to remodel the bathroom and took the only light fixture and the mirror down so that I could take down the wallpaper. I began shaving in the kitchen where there was plenty of light and a mirror over the sink. I have a soap pump for dish soap and just started squirting the dish soap into my wet hand and rubbing it on my face. I would not even try to get lather. I would then shave quickly with my multi-bladed razor. Done.

At the beginning of this year, 2008, the bathroom was still not done. In fact, I had not done anything to it since I had removed the only light, took down the mirror and removed the wallpaper. I use two votive candles if I need some illumination in the bathroom and use a flashlight when I need something out of the closet. While I was looking in the closet with the flashlight for …something, I found the shaving mug with the soap in it and the brush sitting on top of the soap. There was soap residue on the sides of the mug but the brush was clean (not counting the dust). I took them out of the closet and immediately went to the kitchen to shave.

After the shave, I went to the computer to learn more about wet shaving. I found B&B. For many, many, and many nights and well into the early mornings of the next day, I read, and read, and read. With the information that I had gathered from everyone from B&B (well, not everyone, but a whole lot of ones) I called Charles at QED as was recommended. He was totally present to me and answered all of my questions and gave me the information that I didn’t even know how to ask for. I was on the phone with him for more than three hours. I would not have done this if it were not for the people at B&B. I ended up purchasing a Savile Row 3122, Taylor’s Lavender Shaving Cream, and a 38c DE razor.

After receiving my purchases and continuing to visit B&B, I thought that I was "just shaving". What I was finding out through B&B and wet shaving was that I was learning how to nurture myself. I started to regard myself and things in my life started changing. I began to make more healthy choices for myself. I started to keep my place clean and picked-up, and I started to be more organized. Many things that have been left undone have been getting done or are in the process of getting done. The bathroom is not finished as yet, but it is being worked on now. I am more healthy.


B&B is a place I go to find people who are respectful of others and who are willing to share their thoughts, ideas, experiences, humor, and even at times—emotions (or at least elude to them); especially to the beginners of this adventure (which is definitely more than wet shaving). I also like the concept of "Paying It Forward", that happens here. B&B is a place where I feel comfortable to express myself and even have a desire to share a post. I became a member on 03-25-08.


The act of regarding myself through the continued experience of B&B (the people that make up B&B) and as I look into the mirror through the process of wet shaving, has changed and is changing my life as I have stated earlier. With what I had learned at B&B, I made what might to some, be simple product choices of my original purchases. To me, the choices that I made spoke to my self-worth, although I didn’t understand it at the time. It was not about the cost of the products, but why I made the choices that I did. B&B has helped me become more conscious of myself with the questions that the people at B&B ask or the comments that are being made. So I ask myself: How does the shaving brush feel in my hand or on my face? How does the fragrance of the cream/soap make me feel? How does the texture of the lather look and feel? How does the weight of the razor feel in my hand? How does this experience make me feel? How much blood does a specific blade draw? Etc. I now try to carry this consciousness to all products, activities, and even people that I might choose for myself.

I sincerely thank all of you at B&B.

Wow, good entries so far! And remember folks - this contest runs for a month so you still have a few more weeks. And such a sweet prize............
How B&B Makes a difference in my day to day life.

While not the most poetic, I hope this is as honest as I can be.

B&B doesn't make a huge impact on my day to day life. I don't have a life changing revelation every time I swing by and post here.

What B&B does do for me (and does very well) is provide me with answers to questions I have, no matter how foolish or newbish they may be.

B&B provides me with the support and reassurance I've needed to try something different and keep with it.

B&B gave me a reason to start shaving with my Grandfather's razor and keep at it.

B&B makes very little difference overall, but for the half hour I spend with a brush and razor, it makes all the differece in the world.
How does B&B make an impact on my every day life?

B&B's impact?

It enlightens my mind with shaving tips and techniques.

It lightens my wallet with irresistible sights of bright shiny razors, soft luxurious brushes, and the rich aromas of fine shave soaps and creams.

Both I, and my credit card company give B&B great thanks!:001_rolle

Truly, one of the few forums on the internet I've come across where there is a great deal of decorum, an interest in helping others to enjoy what you yourself enjoy, and a great place to find out about the revival of an age old fine art of getting a damn fine shave.
I've been a member for about a year now. Prior to finding this site, shaving was a drudgery that I put off as much as possible. My wife hated my stubble, but I hated razor burn, and couldn't stand to burn through expensive razor cartridges.

One day, as if by fate, my wife went shopping, and on her list were replacement cartridges for my Fusion - she gasped at the price. Only marginally better, she decided I needed to use the slightly cheaper Schick Quattro. Always the cautious consumer, I wanted to know if people liked the Quattro better than the Fusion, and in my search I discovered another route - wet shaving with a single blade razor.

Since then, it is a rare day that I don't log onto this site. I scan through the Buy/Sell/Trade Forum, searching for something new to try that is within my budget. I seek the advice of others, through asking, or searching the reviews, whether some new item I have been contemplating is worth my time and money. I look forward to my shave each day. I obsess about keeping my catalog of shaving supplies up to date in my Wiki entry. I peruse the topics in the Barber Shop, seeing if there is some worthwhile topic that I want to jump into - and once I do, I repeatedly click the UserCP link throughout the day to see how the topic is progressing. I've met a lot of great guys that I enjoy interacting with - guys I like to swap samples with, "experts" in certain areas that I seek out with a specific question, guys I like to agree with, guys I love to argue with.

I receive unsolicited PMs with a kind word about something I wrote. Other times I get involved in heated discussions with gents on a topic, only to see them, not long after, stand up for me when someone else makes an inappropriate or offensive remark - because they really are gentlemen, and are capable of separating disagreements from personal attacks.

Although this forum has grown immensely, even in the short while I have been here, there is a core of people who make it the great forum that it is - and reading what they have to say on this broad array of topics, from shaving to politics, is what keeps me coming back every day.
I actually finished this yesterday, and have been debating on whether or not to actually post it. I hope I don't regret it tomorrow, but sometimes a guy's just got to let it out I guess, and just risk the men in white coats showing up at his door in the morning. I don't see how I'd get another opportunity to express this.

How does B&B make an impact on my daily life?

One word: attitude.

As I write this, the results of a survey have been recently released which reveal that approximately 4% of American graduate students admit to having seriously contemplated suicide in the past year. I wish I could say that I can't possibly understand how this could be true. But that would be a lie. For a period a couple years ago, I couldn't help but be blunt with myself and those around me about the dismal outlook that permeated my career and personal life. And it tinged everything that I did. I considered all my successes to be insignificant and fleeting, and allowed all the failures to drag me down to a place where I took pleasure in very little. A friend once told me, "Pat, you're not a glass-half-full or a glass-half-empty kind of person, you're a glass-spilled-and-smashed-on-the-floor kind of person."

And in a way, I almost reveled in that. I figured that I saw life as other people could see it if they'd only take off their rose-colored glasses. They were the ones deluding themselves, not me. Granted, my attitude wasn't entirely unfounded – there are a lot of aspects of being a research scientist that wear heavy on one's psyche. But in general, I was an insufferable pessimist.

Shaving was one of those things that I could barely be bothered to do most days. More than once, people had asked me if I was going to start growing a beard because I'd put off the chore long enough that I had the beginnings of one going. And when I would shave, it'd be quick-and-dirty as an afterthought in the shower, most likely with a Mach3 cartridge that was aged far past its useful life. Another consistent yet insignificant mental "whatever" in my perceived death-march of a life.

But then along came B&B.

Annoyed by the cost of Mach3 cartridges and shave gel, I'd sought out some online info about classic wetshaving. Long story short, I landed here. The generosity, kindness, and community spirit I found here was overwhelming. Guys here would give things away to newbies, take time out of their day to answer the same questions over and over, and even go to great lengths to do remarkably creative and entertaining stuff to bring people deeper into the fold. In my competitive, inaccessible academic world, this wasn't something I was used to.

And the more I got involved, the more I felt welcomed by this community. Having a nice meal or a special drink in the evening no longer was a private, fleeting indulgence, but something worth documenting and sharing. Picking up a new shaving product was something to get excited about too, enough to the point that I wanted to write as many reviews as I could. Today, I feel bad that I've not had the opportunity to pick up any more review-worthy products. But I'm always interested and excited for other folks who've enjoyed something I wanted to try. This has been a big psychological leap for me.

And why? I don't really know. I've had trouble being happy for other people my whole life. Perhaps I'm just too self-centered, but I feel like there's probably more to it than that. But the sense of community at B&B has practically erased whatever it is. Its like I'm no longer the outsider, looking in on the good life I felt doomed never to find (to paraphrase The Shins).

I guess when it all boils down to it, I felt so incredibly isolated. Like no one had gone through the frustrating crap I had to deal with day-to-day, and no one had felt confused about the direction of their lives. At one point, I had the opportunity to have a phone conversation with a member here who offered me some incredible career advice, which turned out to be the last straw in helping me come to the conclusion that things were going to be okay. There's a group of guys here at B&B who are, like I strive to be, well-spoken, intelligent, introspective, and able to appreciate the small pleasures in life. And they all seem pretty successful and happy. It's become evident that eventually there, in all likelihood, go I. Every comparatively minuscule contribution I've made to the community and every thoroughly enjoyable interaction I've had with you gents has seemed to validate that expectation.

B&B has changed me from someone who rarely took the time to be introspective and who scarcely ever took time to recognize and appreciate the finer things in his life to someone who does both on a daily basis. This has done wonders for my personal attitude and general outlook on things. My life really isn't all that bad. I'm healthy, free, and I've got everything going for me. And I can take an extra 20 minutes out of my day to shave like a pro. And when I wake up in the morning looking forward to that shave, every day starts off pretty darn good. Likewise, if I can dodge my way through my daily work frustrations whilst looking forward to a drink worthy of recounting in the “Indulgence of the Night” threads, it truly makes it all that much easier to navigate and also to leave behind when I finally get to nose that fine Scotch.

I've also at times been an intensely competitive and prideful person who shirks from expressing gratitude. I can't imagine a time before a couple years ago when I'd be willing to humbly admit my glaring personality flaws in an unnecessarily mushy diatribe to people I've never met, regardless of how indebted to them I was or how badly I wanted the damned shaving brush. But the pride that I feel to just be an admired member of this community transcends all of that. And I feel that pride. Every. Single. Day.

You guys have awakened me to so much worth savoring and looking forward to. Like making the straight razor leap someday soon. Like aspiring to be able to recount my own life experiences like the most respected gentlemen on here. And you've transformed me from a complete Eeyore to someone who regularly sees a reason to try to look on the brighter side of life. I still struggle with it, but it doesn't overwhelm me nearly as much as it used to. I'm a much happier person. Being a member of B&B has simply made an immeasurable, 100% positive difference in my attitude.

And I sincerely thank you all for that, from the bottom of my heart.

When I first found B&B, I thought to myself "these guys are CRAZY"! Then after I read a bit more on the boards, I have to say that I was intrigued, and shortly later I was placing my first order for a DE, various blades, a few soaps, and a crummy brush (the real reason I'm entering). Now many months later I've amased quite a nice little shave den, and I stop by the boards at least twice a day to see what I've missed.

The biggest change B&B has made for me has without a doubt been my appearance. Previously shaving with a fusion and goo-in-a-can, I had terrible irritation, and about 40 ingrown hairs on my neck daily... no joke. With the help, advice, and encouragement of the other fine gents on this board, I am now able to get a BBS everyday, with no irritation, plus the lovely aroma of bayrum. A few months ago, I actually had a woman ask ME out, where I hadn't had a date in a couple of years. I attribute that directly to the improvement in my appearance, thanks to B&B. As if that weren't enough, you've managed to take something that I dreaded, and turned it into something that I enjoy and look forward to. Thank you B&B!

You mention that a woman asked you out - can you tell me the name of that Bay Rum, and where I can buy a few dozen bottles, please?
When I came to B&B I was into Straight razors, I found this site from a link to Scotto's lathering techniques and then the DE bug hit. From then on I have found out more about DE razors and Badger brushes than any place else I can think of. I just really dig hanging out here and reading all of the different threds and post on the subject of wet shaving. Everyone else I know think I'm nuts but I know that this site makes me cooler than they will ever be. So this is my place to hang and grove on all the cool info, now can I have the brush?

Thanks B&B
B&B and Thirdeye have dramatically changed my morning ritual!! I've been a canned SC and Fusion shaver for I don't know how long now. I would go days and days between shaving, as long as a week!! Just cause I dreaded it. But now in the last 6 days since switching to a DE and Brush, making my own nice warm lather, I've shaved 5 times, and I was truly disappointed I didn't on that 6th day! I'd like to thank Thirdeye and B & B for introducing me to such pleasurable mornings. The information found on here is incredible and plentiful. Everyone is so willing to answer questions and point you in the right direction. As for Thirdeye, what can I say, he is my GURU and I can't say enough about his generosity (and others on B&B) and help. Although I could kill him for the RAD and even a little SBAD I have now!

Thanx to ALL on the B&B!
Participating on B&B gives me a few valuable thoughts that make it much easier to get through each day:
  • There are more ways than mine to view the world
  • There are two ways to do everything: the right way, and some new way
  • Wrong for me isn't wrong for somebody else
  • I'm not silly; I'm "delightfully eccentric"
  • It's fine to be funny, but it's much more important to be nice
  • A lot of what B&B people like is "out of style," but being a gentleman is always fashionable
B&B has shown me that there is a whole world of people like me who appreciate tradition in many ways, and well-made machines that can actually last a lifetime.
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