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Competition V


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Time for a new competition, methinks.

This time we are going to strop town.

I want you to make yourself a new strop, any sort you like. Hanging, bench, paddle... and whatever material you feel like trying out. Extra points will be given for thinking outside the box, and trying to reinvent the wheel. By that I mean feel free to experiment with new ideas, surfaces, fabrics, leathers, etc. Also, if you have any funky ideas about hangers, handles and other fittings, now is the time to try it out.

As always, feel free to make them as fancy as you like. We love a bit of bling.

You have one month from now to get your photos posted, and owning the coolest strop in town will be your prize. :wink2:
I wonder what the back of say shark or sting-ray would be like... oh how I miss the sea!! I know the "front" would look killer lol!!
Oh, I have an idea... Based on my past history of wanting to participate but not having time, it's likely that someone else will walk away with the cool custom title... :)
well i am in just made me a 3" , 14oz English bridle, medieval "The Beast" , no linen or cloth , dont need it



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Materials are ordered (mostly), have my design in mind (nearly), might actually finish early this time!
This my favourite bench strop that was made from a piece of 4mm English natural vegetable pit tanned leather i used a 1/2 piece of hardwood 3 inches wide and 24 inches long i love the length of draw i get from this strop, it's a pleasure to use, and so easy to use as well, i also have 4 pieces of sticky velcro attched to the table and the strop so it stays where it's suppose to, but quite easily removed for storage.




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