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Col. Conk Bay Rum soap hard to find.

Down to my last Col. Conk Bay Rum soap and everyone in the US seems to be out of it, even Conk's own website says they're out. The other flavors seem to be plentiful. Has it been discontinued or was there just a worldwide on it and they can't keep up? I've emailed Col. Conk asking why it's so hard to find that one soap but haven't heard anything back from them.
I had a puck of this years ago but while I liked the scent, it was challenging for me to get a good lather quickly enough that I tossed it.
Have you considered either Col Conk Almond or Amber? Although their Bay Rum is my first choice I like the others too, especially Almond.
Maybe they are reformulating again? They changed up the labels and upped the performance a few years ago. Could be repeating this process, especially if some ingredients are getting cheaper/more expensive to obtain. For what its worth, its plentiful here in Australia.
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