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Clear your lips!

When shaving today,i thought i had not seen anyone mention this.....maybe too basic! After lathering your face, clear your lips of soap with your finger. Then you know where not to shave. No cut lips.
I haven't had that problem for some time. I tuck my lips before I lather, then relax them when I begin shaving. No lather on the lips, no cut lips.
Re-examination of anything, at any time, is good.

I watched one shave vid where the guy just did as above and painted lather right over. Never occurred to me.

No, I wasn't trying to be a smart Alec for a change! I had just never heard of figure 8's and clearing runways, etc.

If I get Arko on my lips I just lick 'em off!
I pucker my lips as I lather but still end up with lather on them. Big lips probably! I use the outside edge of the tip of my right thumb to clean them off. It also gives me a nice indication of the lubricity of the lather.
Never really think about it any more till i read this post, just a pinky lip swipe i don't realize i'm doing anymore. its interesting the things we do automaticly without realizing we do them
It was canon for me when I started. And more about some of the soaps having a noticeable reaction on the tissue of my lips... drying or allergic or some ingredient note that disagreed.

As I've settled into a given group of soaps that appeal to me, there is the addition of benefit having the lather on lips, a bit more nasal note to enjoy the fragrance, supple lubrication of a properly saponated tallow producing glicerol.

And, if the lather sits comfortably across multiple applications of lather during the passes... wow, what a pleasant surprise! This one's a keeper!

Yet, that said, I still will not "taste" soap suspensions! BLECK!
/grins wryly
I have a stick of lip balm on my counter. I try to put it on before shaves. But of course I tuck as well. Shaving cream and my lips aren’t the best of friends like shaving cream and my skin are.