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Classic Cary Grant Wet-Shaving

That brings up a couple questions. What kind of razor was he using? Was that an injector? How long do you guys apply lather with the brush? It seemed to me that he lathered for an extremely long time, but I'm new to this so I can't be sure.
Injector I'd say . . most guys apply and wait a little, maybe reapply. Its really a personal habit and time issue. Letting the cream sit for a little is a nice, easily occuring luxury.
It takes me twice, maybe three times as long to apply the lather. I think it is fun. He definately shaves quicker than me too! I don't know if those kind of strokes would be good with a DE....I'd probably turn my face into swiss cheese going that fast.

Welcome to B&B! :badger:

I lather my face quite a while, maybe about as long as Cary did in this video because it helps do a few things...

1. It really gets the hair up off the face and makes it stand out ready to be cut.
2. The heat really helps open the pores of the skin
3. It helps lubricate the skin and prepare it for running steel over it
4. It massages the skin, relaxing the face
5. And certainly not least, it feels great

I could go on and on, but I think it's a good idea to spend some time lathering your face up, but again it's all personal preference.

Again, welcome!
I believe it's from "Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House." The movie's shown on American Movie Classics or Turner Classic Movies every so often. I vaguely recall noticing it in the listings just a couple of days ago. And the DVD isn't hard to find, usually for around $12.99.

It's a cute movie. Not a great movie, maybe, but one reflective of its time - the late 1940s - which does lend it a certain nostalgic charm.
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