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Hello badgers. My technique is well honed, from the tutelage of my father. My Greek hair is coarse and requires the ATG X2, WTG X1, and a final double XTG each morning. I prefer tallow. My current routine is preshave EVOO, hot towel, preshave shave oil, hot towel, tallow cream appliaction to hydrate, remove with hot towel, tallow cream for a 3 minute set, ATG1, ATG2, hot towel wipe, tallow application, WTG1, hot water rinse, XTG1. Cold water submersion, osmah block application, distilled cold water rinse, skin balm/food, 8 minute relax, AS splash. 12 minute set, and light EVOO application and warm lamp or sun relax, application of cologne or parfum, and check up of any drying areas, application of balm on any hot spots, and fan dry before light water mist.

TY for hospitality here badgers.
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