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Cheap Fix

Here it is.
In my new 3 month journey I have had limited success in feeding my _AD's.
The area most lacking is the AFTER portion/protection process of my puss.

Been using Target Witch Hazel after the warm rinse. And then AS / ASB's currently in the med cabinet. Mary Kay Domain and Tribute primarily.

NOt bad but.....when the neck started cussing me out and looking like the back side of a baboon

I decided to start scavenging to find a product already available in house.
Found this product we purchased awhile ago for our vacation to Catalina Island.

Long story short...IT WORKS GREAT !!
Has Aloe and Glycerin and other things....I dont know much about.
And its $5 for 16oz.
How can I beat that?
Its a gel that is soothing and does not sting at all.
Initial aroma is gome within minutes.

My question is:

Are there other products out there, not tradtionally used for shaving, that you guys are putting to good use in your post-shave rituals?

I like the fact that glycerin is #2 in the ingredients breakdown and the SPF protection is a bonus.

Is this easily found? re: local drugstores, Target??
TraderJoe said:
Jim, thanks for the review on the Purpose (is there a discussion thread?) It sounds pretty good! I'll probably pick some up.

I will start one now Joe, thanks for reminding me. DONE
Goosemeplease said:
This is one

You my find that corn huskers or Skin food after your A/S balm is a nice finish.(just a drop):biggrin:

Right on the $$$, Jimbo !
I picked up some of the CHL and am very pleased with the results.
And a drop is really ALL you need.
I owe you a cigar !!:c2:
I am glad it worked out for you- did you try the Corn huskers as well? its the stealth weapon of wet shavers!:biggrin:

We can have that cigar together on the 20th in the cigar lounge!
Hey Jim !!

I was referring to the Corn Huskers....not interested yet in the skin food.
And I will be prepared this time when the smoking lamp is lit !!

See you there:c2:
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