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This Turkish stick is starting to pop up,anyone tried it yet ?


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Not I, but http://www.geltir.com/archive/index.php/thread-1083-1.html has some discussion. Google struggles with the Turkish language almost as much as I do, but as best I can gather they do not care for its performance. The scent is probably better: they say it is made by a company known for that. The ingredients include coumarin and geraniol, as well as various citrusy stuff like limonene, linalool, and citronellol.
yes...but you gotta admit...it's a real fantasy come true to use a shave soap that smells like "her burning sabuna " !!!


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Never tried it ! I would like to,but I have not seen it for sale yet .It is just now popping up around world shave forums...the translations from Turkish are very crude,I only surmise that this is a soft stick,possibly like the fantastic GZD Berber stick,and that it has a "tabac" scent....
I can finally report on the Camelot Stick. I've been using it for a couple of weeks now and it's a good stick. The scent isn't what I would call "Tabac", not being nearly as floral and "High end hotel soap" smelling. It's more like a perfume or light cologne, but not particularly strong. A "fresh" note without being aquatic, if that makes much sense. Wholly unlike Arko in any way, scentwise.

It's very soft, as has been mentioned by others. I was able to press it directly into a twist-up stick holder and it was no problem at all to do so. the stick is so soft, you almost want it in a holder anyway, unless you put it in a bowl. It seems to want a decent amount of product for good results, and I don't find it as easy to hit the sweet spot on adding water nearly as easily as Klar Kabinette. It's just not in the same league there.

Still and all, a good soap, and one I'm happy to have in the rotation. If you can get some, it's worth trying. The scent certainly won't be polarizing and is quite nice. I got mine off a popular auction site. It took a long time to arrive from Turkey. :concern:
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