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C.O. Bigelow AKA Proraso

I just bought a travel sized tube tonight. I can't wait to try it. I figured it will probably be my travel companion, if I like it enough!
Great creme to use during the summer. I use noxema skin creme as a preshave and then brush the bigelow on top of it. It's really cooling and the combination gives a close comfortable shave.

I've actually got some of the Bigelow. It's a nice refreshing shave, and I get a kick out of the fact that it smells exactly like the "adult store" in my home town, but when I want a mentholated shave I actually prefer Club Lather Luxury Shave Cream from Clubman. It has a similar fresh feel, and I like the fragrance a bit more. Also, I find that when I use the Bigelow, I end up with a soapy film all over my lather bowl, brush, and straight razor that's a bit of a pain to clean off.
I'm going to be using it for the first time tomorrow. Actually, I will be using a Dorco Blade for the first time tomorrow, so maybe I will wait until Tuesday.
After buying the large tube and using it for several shaves, I went back and picked up the smaller size for travel. Follow up the mentholated shave with the Clubman AS...talk about invigorating.
I managed to walk into a Bath and Body Works on the right day last week and snag three tubes of this stuff for 10 bucks. It was well worth the stop :cool:
I've used Bigelow, Tabac, Speick, and a few others, and Bigelow give by far the best shave out of any of them.
Bigelow was my first real cream. The cooling sensation that increases with each pass is amazing, especially on a hot humid morning. I'm sure I will always keep a tube on hand.
Bigelow is a great cream I use it all of the time. Bath and Body Works also has sales at different times during the year, buy one get one. I always stock up. If you can, try the Bigelow AS as well. A great combination IMHO.
It's a nice refreshing shave, and I get a kick out of the fact that it smells exactly like the "adult store" in my home town,

Wow, that's kind of creepy. I need to know more. Do you think that there was some kind of illicit backroom shaving going on there?
it smells exactly like the "adult store" in my home town...

Too much information! :eek: :biggrin: I like it fine, but prefer my Speick. It still finds it's way to my brush now and then, and at $10 for a big tube (plus you can buy it off the shelf easily) it's great stuff.
I have never used Proraso yet so i can't really compare the two. From what I understand they are pretty much the same thing. I really enjoy the shaves I get with C.O Bigelow though.
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