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Brush Question

Does anyone have experience with Shavemac? In addition to selling the Merkur Futur razor for less than I've seen it offered by most other sellers, they also sell handmade silver tipped brushes for significantly less than most others.

Does this company offer deals that are as good as they seem? Are their brushes really that good of a deal?

Bill K.

I have two Shavemac brushes, and would not hesitate to add a 3rd to my stable. They make a quality brush.


I also have a Shavemac brush. Two enthusiastic thumbs up.:thumbup:

They have excellent vertical strenght and yet have very soft tips.

I'm another Shavemac fan. Early on, I saw the video Joel made about products and he plugged these brushes. I have two and love them. What I could never understand was all the vendors who are (were) dumping the line.
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