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Brush help - which glue to repair brush?

Howdy gents,

My brush came out of its holder, and as this is a first for me, was wondering how to glue it back together. Any particular type of glue for this? Notice this brush has a plastic ring around the knot. Thanks in advance.

$2015-01-15 15.55.22.jpg
Two come to mind; Silicone Adhesive/Sealant, stays soft; E6000 Epoxy, stays soft but firmer than Silicone. Both will resist hot water damage.
A two-ingredient epoxy works on these. That's what they recommend. The two are mixed at the same time from a syringe. Any drugstore has them, Gorilla, etc.
Don't use anything that expands(gorilla glue)this will expand into the bristles. Marine epoxy was the recommendation from a brush maker. Just a little in the bottom, not enough to overflow when the knot is inserted.
Update: I had some PC7 in my toolbox, and tried it. The PC7 was a little dried out, so it was a little tough applying a small amount - I ended up with a little but of expansion into the bristles, but nothing substantial, and it has since washed out.

It's been a few weeks now, and after daily soaking and use, the brush seems to be holding firm in the handle. Thank you all for your advice.