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Bringing Life Back to Wedge Blades- ALL Tips Highly Appreciated

Don't rush stropping at the beginning either, you will roll an edge or worse nick the strop. Just do it at a pace you can be neat and controlled
BIG thanks for all the advices given kcb!Everything is now set for the shave. Will have to wait a day or two though as I am away over the weekend. VERY excited to have a go with the razors I must say[emoji5]️

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Stropping only takes a couple of minutes. You need to let the lather stand on your face for a bit before shaving, anyway. So lather, strop, then shave. No time lost.
Great advice going on here..Stropping isn't Rocket science it just demands a bit of sensitivity & taken slowly..No rush..Doesn't take long..Slow is fast..Once you experience a proper sharp hollow ground edge you will never forget what one looks like..its just an experiential knowing that comes through the practice ..A good tallow based soap helps as well...I personally find the blade stays sharper during the shave because of that extra slickness & Glide..A good tallow soap provides a lot of cushion as well..:001_rolle

Glad someone bumped this thread, I was reading up on it and learned a few things.

I still might get someone else to hone my 2 Wilkinson wedge blades though.
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